Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Journal Elements

I like to have a supply of flaps, pockets or tags ready ahead,
to add to my journal.

It’s also fun to have some bases ready when I want to improvise
and play.

When time is short, I make these in advance. I cut out random rectangles smaller than the journal page or tag pocket.

I use manila tag paper like this, because I use a lot but file folders are the same paper.

I also use heavy kraft mailing paper, or scrap brown packing paper.

These are painted with matte black acrylic paint leaving a tiny border.
The corners are rounded and inked

When they dry they will curl and if the paint is thick enough, they will dry flat.
Painting them on the back helps them to lie flat when they dry.

  I take a colored pencil and doodle lines across the tags. The tags look better if the lines are night ruler straight. In your natural writing. As you practice they will get to be more even.


Here are some journal page sames of some tags in use. The one below has scrap papers and a colored pencil drawing on a kraft paper scrap.

From the same journal,flips on top of flips.

Drawn on like a chalk board with colored pencil

A tag inserted into a book pocket.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

junk journals

Paper bag junk journal 
this journal is made from brown paper that stuffs
and pads boxes for mailing. It s my favorite junk journal making material.
 This journal is my composition junk journal. The embellishments
in this journal are leftovers and elements from abandoned projects.
I'll post more pages, and eventually a video.

These are shapes I explored in a class by Julie Hamilton.
I used a thick sharpie marker, and colored them digitally in Inkscape.
I printed them on tea dyed paper. I cut them on a scan n cut. 
In another post i'll show you my cutting challenged method.