Monday, April 29, 2019

digital fun

I took this drawing and played with it in Inkscape.

 Played with colors and muted background.

I used bridges and isolated features with transparent and gradient fill

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

21 imagination

I am not trying to mislead, that I am chasing after joy. My relationship with the word is paying attention and noticing when it wells up, as I like to call it. It exists within and is independent of outside influences. My favorite part of Joy is the interaction of experiencing it as a subtle emotion.

Joy is an emotion I feel that can come alongside other emotions that are not even in the same family.

Its fun to examine it in relation to my creative activities, the up and down processes of feeling in life/ and to my creative process.

I made this collage a while back, and without even knowing or intending it It really describes my creative process and activity.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

30 artist date: taking classes

For this artist date: Online classes with Skillshare.
This is an affiliate link. I am trying to win a free month of classes. 
The classes are great. One month I took 20 + classes. 
I started in watercolor, improved computer skills, 
renewed my passion for developing my own style, 
and learning modern fresh techniques.

What I like the most is you learn in small bites from your 
peers and professionals. The techniques colors and 
career advice is up to date and the price is reasonable.

This is a mixture of an Inkscape class, odd bodies, 
and color theory class.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

33 sketching before bed

One thing I like to do before I go to bed is to draw with a pilot pen for 20 min. If I get to bed early, I have a notebook by my bed. Sometimes I am reading a book about sketching Like drawing for Joy), or I am inspired by the I Ching, or other books I am reading.

I may not have told you but I am having an affair with my creativity. Sometimes, we slip in a meet, just before bed. She likes to dictate notes in a spiral bound lined notebook, or sometimes on loose printer paper. She likes tracing paper too.

I look longingly at the beautiful moleskines, handmade sketchbooks and she says to me, "if we are going to keep meeting like this, you need to be ready."

I say "but the sepia paint..." and she says, "inspiring wasn't it?" I laugh and continue to write on my college ruled spiral notebook.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

28 artist date: rock hunting

Purpose: gathering rocks from the yard to outline a path
from the center yard.

Behind me: painted lady butterflies dancing in the rosemary.

Another different kind of artist date:
I am creating a rock path around the unwieldy plants on 
the way to my studio.

during the date, I scavenge the property for rocks of a certain size, 
and gather a few here and there, 
then place them on my rock table.

I sketch lines where the rocks are going to go, and when I have 
the time or feel up to it I arrange them around the plants.

Note to self: Maybe this should go under "Joy"?
Sorry for the quick posts, the weather is amazing,
and the studio is calling!