Sunday, September 19, 2010

Five fairies paper doll download

A new paper doll download. This is my easiest download yet. Just print out the dolls on card-stock, and they are ready. Includes instructions for making them into sturdy ornaments.
You can also apply stickers, rubber-stamps and more to make them your own. More info about them: here.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New paper doll "Create with heart"

I've been on a paper doll making spree, finishing them faster than I can post them. It has been fun creating the embossed an patina copper hearts.

This doll is dedicated to my creative renewal. More info here.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Artsy Trade

I am doing a trade with Tejae. You might say an exchange of hearts. Here is the paper doll I made for Tejae. Here is a link to the hearts she made for me.

Healing comes from the heart, and we all have places that could use heart felt energy. In my case I find that my heart needs a gentil space to heal in.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New e-pattern: 30 Tags

I love placing tags in my projects. I love creating projects just so that I can tuck a tag inside a pocket.
In this download there are 30 tags, 2 sets.

One is a large and small set of coordinating pictures and colors,

and the other one is mostly faces.

1-1/2 x 2-3/4 inches(the smallest) to 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches
3.81 x 6.985 cm 6.35 x 8.89 cm

There are a total of 7 pages, and 4 are the full color tags ready for print out.

More info here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Paper doll tutorial

Basic Paper Doll Construction

The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate how I put my paper dolls together. I will be adding steps to this tutorial.

Later I will write instructions on how to turn your artwork into paper dolls. This tutorial goes along with my paper doll downloads.

Lets say you have your pattern pieces cut-out, drawn painted, copied or colored.

Cut out the paper doll head leaving a border.

You do not have to leave as much border like the picture, when you cut out the head, just leave whatever your printed spacing will allow.

Cut out the neckline and shoulders of the dress.

You can leave a border around the rest of it if you like. Glue the dress to the head.

To create a pose you can tilt the dress a little on the neckline. When you finish you can glue the head and the dress together to another piece of cardstock.

(I will fill in the rest later)

Tips for the legs and a sample of how they look on the back:

Here are examples of how the legs are attached.
I like to put them in the curves of the dress, but as you can see they do not have to be precise. They are made to be played with so that you can create whatever body language you want for your doll. They are also made so that you do not have to measure.

I have examples of several different spacings I have used in attaching the legs. I cover the back with another sheet of scrapbook paper to make it all look neat. If you punch holes in the top center of the legs it should be fine.

To create different poses with the legs, you can have the feet turn in or turn out.

After you glue the dress on to the doll you can use two sided print card-stock to create a lining.

To make the doll sturdier, add an additional layer of plain white card-stock.

Friday, June 11, 2010

playing around with paper dolls

My Mac computer finally died. It was the first computer I ever bought in 2003, and in computer years it lasted a long time. Knowing that it was going to die soon, Llanite Dave, built a Linux computer for me. So now I work on the Gimp and in Photoshop Elements. This is something I am playing with now:

These are new paper doll heads and bodies that I scanned into the computer and adjusted clothing from other paper dolls to fit. I am working on a tutorial on how to do this.

I also will be posting tutorials for my paper doll downloads to show how these dolls can be used with mixed media techniques.

I am finishing up a tutorial on different was this download can be used

So much catching up to do

I've been busy going so many places and doing so many things. Experiencing a time when my creative energies are shifting. I was really focused on health and travel,and renewing my creative well. I'll up date as time allows so if you haven't been here for a while, check back to the posts after November as i will be filling in from time to time.

I am also posting things i am working on here:

I am keeping this blog and will still be posting mostly paper dolls here.