I'm Published!

Somerset Studios has a few pages about my paperdolls:

Jan 2008 issue. The beginning of a new year.


whimsymoon said…
Congratulations! Your work is lovely!
I'm off to find that magazine!!!
Ursula Shaw said…
How wonderful! Your paper dolls are beautiful. Congratulations!
May Terry said…
Congratulations, Elaine. I have one of your paper dolls and I love it!

Funky Art Queen said…
I saw it I saw it and I immediately knew it was you! Congratulations. I'm proud of ya girl. Keep it up!
Anonymous said…
Hey !! I just LOVE your wonderful paper dolls.I printed the pattern for the Rabbit girl paper doll out of Art Doll Quarterly and plan on trying my hand at making one. Of course I will put on the back where it originated. I am going to hang it up in my studio for inspiration.I don't have a blog or web page yet BUT hope to in the future. I only just learned about them.

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