Sunday, June 1, 2008

Personal Symbolism

I've been thinking about personal symbolism, and
trying to take note of what I use in my artwork. I
tend to use hearts, (love, passion, devotion) not too
hard to understand. I thought I would take a look at
my use of birds, wings and angels.

To be these represent my creativity and how free I feel in the expression of it. To me birds represent messengers,
reminding me how delicate and unique each life is.

Birds to me also represent curiosity. The angels represent my desire towards "good" in life, to strive for higher goals.

The colorful detailed dresses, symbolize a desire to have a colorful life filled with interesting things. Also the details that make a full life. The "tattoos" ; ) represent the scars from the difficulties, hard times and problems, and how they make beautiful.

I love including a heart with my work. The heart represents going forward with all your heart, keeping it close by ready to give it all to someone or something.

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