paper-doll symbolism

The three cards in her pocket represent looking forward,
looking to the past, and hopes wishes and dreams.

Sometimes we have to look back and remember the things
we forgot when we were fighting demons along the path
of following our heart.

A quick look can give you confidence to go ahead.
Closing your eyes to fill the well with your dreams,
and give you the rest to make a big push.
you need to do is close your eyes take a big breath and start.

The goodies on her dress to me symbolize the outer rewards.
I really feel the journey is its own reward and outer rewards
get you to try.


Iowa Sunshine said…
This doll is awesome! As a little girl i used to have a dream that i got a package in the mail and it had a doll with an apron(pocket) that was filled with little Iowa postcards. That being to keep with that i collect postcards! LOL. This doll just brought back that wonderful dream. Thank you!! HUGS

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