The busiest summer ever!

I went to a trade show in May. It was very discouraging, and it had the effect of energizing my artwork in a new direction. Lots of visits from family and friends and gardening. I missed spring so not too many pictures.

I am behind in so many projects. I had trouble with arthritis in my hands and the weather here has been insane! I am doing many things behind the scenes to heal and that believe it or not have been very inspiring.

Our well motor burned out and i am barely getting caught up with watering. Good news is we had lots of grapes which I am juicing and they are delicious. Peaches are ripe now, and pears are coming in fast. The basil from last year took over the garden, so we're eating lots of pesto.

I am enjoying creating nightshade free dishes, pesto, spanish rice without tomatoes and spaghetti with out tomatoes. I created a wonderful yam salad with buttermilk dressing that is delicious. I hope to create a blog with recipes for special diets.

I am not even mentioning the birds and bunnies and hawks and bats and horses and other wonderful things that wonder in and out of our yard.

So much is happening and so fast that I am barely able to keep up.

I hope to be posting more artwork soon!
Love, E


Judy Hartman said…
Hi Elaine,
You stopped by my blog to wish me a happy anniversary, so thank you.
I have to tell you - I honestly LOVE your artwork and paper dolls. The faces and designs you create are just lusciously beautiful and appealing, and I love the colors you work with. You are one very talented lady.
Anonymous said…
Enjoy, before you know it Jack Frost brings winter with him and you wish you'd done more in summer. Blogs can wait, and we, your fans, adore you so much we don't mind waiting :)).

Why was the trade show discouraging ? Maybe the wrong target market ? I've learnt this with my caricatures...gotta have the right audience ! Thinking of you !
Shay said…
Hello! I just discovered your blog and lovely, lovely art and paper dolls! I can't wait to be able to play around with some your e-patterns available from your etsy shop--brilliant idea! Thank you for so much inspiration and I will make certain to keep up with your blog and gorgeous work.

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