33 sketching before bed

One thing I like to do before I go to bed is to draw with a pilot pen for 20 min. If I get to bed early, I have a notebook by my bed. Sometimes I am reading a book about sketching Like drawing for Joy), or I am inspired by the I Ching, or other books I am reading.

I may not have told you but I am having an affair with my creativity. Sometimes, we slip in a meet, just before bed. She likes to dictate notes in a spiral bound lined notebook, or sometimes on loose printer paper. She likes tracing paper too.

I look longingly at the beautiful moleskines, handmade sketchbooks and she says to me, "if we are going to keep meeting like this, you need to be ready."

I say "but the sepia paint..." and she says, "inspiring wasn't it?" I laugh and continue to write on my college ruled spiral notebook.


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