Tuesday, March 31, 2020

no ordinary hands

Of all the things I love and appreciate, it is my hands.

I care for my hands by:
keeping them warm
improve circulation by:
warm-up and range-of-motion exercises
rest days from the computer
hanging my arm off the side of the bed for pain and circulation
 ergonomic brushes or thick brushes

My range of motion exercises is gentile. I find it more fun and helpful if I have a few go-to exercises. What works the best for me finger touches with my thumb.

I have been doing this for years and have found flexibility and less pain and swelling in my weaker hand and lots of improvement in my most distorted hand.

Hanging my hand over the side of the bed increases blood flow and lowers pain before I go to sleep.

carrying weights when I walk, much like the farmers walks only not exactly, but using the same principle with weights that I can carry while walking. This has improved my hand strength amazingly, much better than hand grips or fist exercises which I can't do because the repetition causes strain.

heating pad

hard tipped pens
Using these types of pens and finding the best hardness pen type and paper helps my drawing. I practice faux calligraphy for range of motion.

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