Thursday, February 5, 2009

Preparing for spring

I am a little behind some of my projects. There is so much inspiration in the air for me. When my life is is total chaos, that is the time I find it easy to make sweeping and major changes. I think that is because
with everything swirling around in uncertainty, i am less attached to the outcome, and trying to stay in the moment.

One thing I am working on is my garden. Last year I learned a lot from my garden. This year it was productive. That means lots to clear out for the next planting.

The drip lines are anchored to the fence and the soil is turned. I will cover the box with an old sheet and rake the old morning glory seeds and vines off the top. The large leave fro the sycamore will stay there to delay some of the weeds from growing in the early spring.

This is a small part of iris bulbs that were re-palnted and slit from the main ones growing in the driveway. These are extremely hardy, and fast growing. I hope they like this spot. This is just a small part of my chores for the winter. I'll post more when the almond trees flower in a few weeks.

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