Flat paper doll swap

The Flat paper doll Yahoo group that I am in has a topic and
a swap around that topic every month. This month the topic
is: Snow Queen, and Ice Queen .

I made two of the same doll for the paper doll swap. I actually
made the ATC before the topic was announced.

Here are the two dolls in progress:

Some details still have to worked out, like how to attach
the heart, and the feet. I would like to take better pictures,
or scan them. The colors are not true. The wings on the heart,
if I decide to keep them need to be scaled down.


BEAUTIFUL. I really love your work. Please post the finished results. Also, would you mind saying something about how you got into this form of doll making artistry? Just wondering.

Sharlene said…
These are absolutely lovely. I really like checking out your latest works.


Robyn L. Coburn said…
Hi, I have featured you on my new round up blog, Dolls:Crafting and Collecting.

best wishes,
Robyn C
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