Caribbean Mermaids

I love making mermaid paper dolls. Each batch I try ways to make them better. These are laminated which gives them a nice finish. I've also tried stickers instead of shells to embellish them.

There is a total of six (maybe more) This is just a sample. I will be posting them completed when I finish the belts.


Anonymous said…
These are Toadally Cool ! One of your ladies I bought has become my guardian angel. We are going through a very trying time right now and she travels around in my purse between the pages of my journal. When things get too much for me, I take her out, unfurl her wings,and prop her up where I can see her and she can watch over us. Some wonderful things have happened when she's set up like that....I'm sure it's all the positive and loving energy you put into her when you made her. :)
I've had to grow so much in this past month, due to the challenges we face, but I don't think I;ve ever been this strong. Of course there are often moments when I collapse back into a sack of mush, but your girl is there to cheer me along just then. Thank-you for blessing people with your wonderful work, Elaine. Maybe one day when this is all over, I could tell you all about it, and you;d have a better understanding of just how much your paper dolls have meant to me. Believe me when I say to you : they/she/you have saved my life, more than once.

From the bottom of my heart: THANK-YOU !!!!


South Africa

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