First in a series of spring paper dolls

I plan on making a few spring paper dolls. This is my favorite season. So much to do, so much to look forward to.

This paper-doll was a birthday gift. The sun is a shrink plastic trinket and the cards in the apron pocket are from my affirmation cards. Various sticker flowers are in her hair. Lots of fun to make.


Sharlene said…
Definately going to enjoy these Spring Dolls. She is so much fun and so demure.

Gorgeous Elaine! Love the colors and the paper. So wonderful. What a lovely gift to receive...and to make! Hugs! Norma
Love this "spring doll" Elaine.

Thanks for taking the time to be a "featured artist" on my blog, and for sharing your whimsical creativity.
Linda Sue said…
Your paper girls are amazing! I did a life sized one once- ONCE! She died in a fire...but for a while she was cool.
Gail said…
I love your paper dollies! I used to cut them out when I was a child and my daughter did the same. Maybe I should try one again and revive those memories.

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