New paper doll "Create with heart"

I've been on a paper doll making spree, finishing them faster than I can post them. It has been fun creating the embossed an patina copper hearts.

This doll is dedicated to my creative renewal. More info here.


Crazy Blue Spot said…
Create is my motto. i like this doll :)
Jan Leonhardt from Wyoming said…
Hello Elaine, Earlier this year I happened upon this blog. I loved your paper dolls and am glad to find that you now have a mixed media blog as well. I noticed when I first found your blog that you hadn't posted in awhile.For some reason I was worried about you - don't know why. Today, I felt the need to see if I could find you again. I had printed out some of your work and placed it on the wall by my computer so that I could think of you and hope all was well with you. Although I couldn't remember your name, I remembered that you made angel paper dolls, and after some searching, here you are! I look forward to looking through both of your blogs and catching up. But I wanted you to know that you had touched my heart many months ago and I am very glad that you're back so that I can enjoy your blogs and artwork once more.

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