Artsy Trade

I am doing a trade with Tejae. You might say an exchange of hearts. Here is the paper doll I made for Tejae. Here is a link to the hearts she made for me.

Healing comes from the heart, and we all have places that could use heart felt energy. In my case I find that my heart needs a gentil space to heal in.


Tejae Floyde said…
I received her yesterday and Elaine truly she is the most beautiful paper doll I have ever seen.

Thank you!
joven said…
beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..
Thank You for share your knowlege. Your work is terrific!And you inspired and influence in my art work.

My web site is

reiko said…
Hi, Elaine, i'm happy to see you'r back on your blog!!!!I really love your work!!!! I went to see your mixed media blog, your calligraphies are real eye-candies!!!!Life bless you Elaine!!

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